The Ultimate Guide To Real Estate Video Tours

The Ultimate Guide To Real Esate Video Tours | | Koneffko Media

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With the rising popularity of video distribution and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, ninety percent of home buyers are opting for online search to get their dream homes. The fact is, there are many smartphones, tablets and computers in every household. Real estate video marketing proves to be the key drive for every realtor who wish to lead in the sales generation. Pictures speaks a lot about a place and can help make a sale, but in some situations, a client needs extra convincing to woo them. Real estate video works perfectly in complimenting certain images and are more informative capturing the client interested in what the houses has to offer. It is win-win situation for both parties.

Today, most people are interested in watching videos than going through albums of still pictures or pages of text. Similarly, more people watch movies instead of reading books. Reason being videos are more appealing, and they evoke emotions something mere texts and photos cannot achieve. Simple emotional statements such as “Have you looked at the hot bath tub?”, “Do you like the kitchen cabinets?” helps to make a sale. Capitalizing on various emotions helps to bring the paycheck nearer. Videos need to be spontaneous, persuasive and have authentic style to bring an emotional connection to achieve customer retention and higher conversion rates. This makes people purchase real estate.

Web appeal is very crucial. How the actual listing of real estate appears on the web determines whether the buyer will schedule an appointment, pick the phone or click on the next page. Videos tours shorten this process for the buyer, landlord or a rehabber.

That said, here are some of the benefits real estate video tours help to achieve.

Better Advertising Avenues

Video tours offer a better advertising avenue than pictures since they are of high quality. Videos display unique features and amenities of a home in a short video that can last for a minimum of thirty seconds. Customers do not need to cycle through low-quality photos or read long articles.

More Informative

Real estate videos can relay tons of information within a short time span. This implies clients can check what they need without doing lots of research. High-quality tours with motion and music will get more hits online when the word is spread out. A report carried out on real estate video tours 2006 indicate that 72% of buyers will drove by to view the houses after an online search. Currently, there are more than six million people taking virtual tours daily compared with two million people in 2004. And the number keeps on rising every year.

Embed Call To Action

Real estate marketing benefits from an excellent Call To Action and the best place is to put it in a video player for video marketing. Embedding CTAs directly allows the clients to interact with the business and brings more sales. Customers do not have to be redirected and risk losing worthy clients. The video helps to achieve everything when the clients decides to play the video. According to National Association of Realtors, 54% of people who use will look at a property only if it has a virtual tour while those with virtual tours get more than 87% views

Heightened SEO

Articles and blog posts are known to benefit a lot from search engines. However, real estate video tours add to this list when optimized correctly. Just make sure you forget to add keywords in the titles and data in real estate video tours. This will drive more traffic towards your site which is a perfect way to form a customer base. YouTube is an example of a giant platform of endless SEO and high-quality backlinks.

Real estate video tours depend heavily on visuals, so never ignore the power of visuals, you will only hinder your advertising efforts online. Take time and get a compelling clickable video. The sales figure and ROI will thank you later. It is easy and fast to shoot a video nowadays. A flip camera or a smartphone are convenient to record a good video. In addition, you can use a tripod stand if need be. Remember, referrals are good in advertising because they are effective and free. Try and include virtual tour videos links for present offerings in the newsletters to the past buyers. Buyers will likely pursue properties if the information conveyed by the virtual tours is rich enough to convince them.

In a nutshell, video tours for your real estate property or website is the new trend that will earn you more customers.


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