Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch For In 2015

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2015 |

Digital marketing can be described as an erratic, impulsive and volatile industry. Reason being, the industry is changing every day with new trends and techniques evolving daily. Consumers, on the other hand, are selective about what they want to see, so marketers have to be one step ahead of technology to keep up with consumer behavior and preferences.

With this in mind, we have identified the current trends and strategies you should keep in mind over the next few months or years of digital marketing.

  1. Mobile Marketing | Mobile dominates. We live in the world of where mobile internet is everywhere. Wherever you go, you will find people accessing the information they need from their mobile gadgets, smartphones or touch pads which simply means that business is really growing with the mobile industry.
    The advantage of mobile search, mobile conversations, mobile optimization and mobile ubiquity cannot be overruled. The only option for marketers now is to accept mobile devices and use them collectively as fixtures of the digital marketing era.
  2. Video Content | Consumers want real stories. Video content inform of an original footage that tells a story from the heart is a perfect way to win people’s attention. Marketers can prefer to use real life experience of consumers and their response to products, their personal experience or what can be created in a product to inspire others to buy.
    As video content become more viral, 2015 will not only see different brands deliver more video content, but also use the platform to reach and deliver impactful engagement.
  3. Real-Time Marketing | This is not a new term in marketing. Talking of real-time marketing, the world is slowly adopting to this new tactic. In the recent few years, the way we interact has changed dramatically with online communication becoming the usual norm and social media informing us on what is happening. With such discoveries, consumers expect brands to react to the current news right away. If the brand is built on clever and funny motive, it will get noticed since consumers like strategies that stand out.
    For example, the quickest and easiest ways to respond to current events is through socio media such as Facebook or Twitter. These platforms will help propel the success of a particular brand since they have more traffic.
    Well, real time is an attention grabber. Just ensure you get the right content and have some fun and clever ways to get your message out for people to see.
  4. Content Personalization | Personalization is slowly making its way into just about every aspect of digital marketing. In 2015, brands are more focused on messaging and personalization since consumers expect relevant ads across all fields.
    Site personalization technologies have been sued for a many years in targeting products and offers to customers. In fact, about 78% of consumers have a desire to have some form of contact personalization. Marketers have to build a deeper connections with consumers and focus in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), automation, email marketing and segmentation. With such, customers will have personalized and effective review tools such as B2B and B2C.
  5. SEO Integration | Content is key. Marketers should concentrate on writing all types of business to publish more informative and entertaining content. This is because quality content will lead to increased traffic to the site.
    Customers’ needs valuable content than answers all they need to know. A perfect digital marketing strategy to boost SEO should be accompanied by a lot of understanding of who your customers are, their interests and what they want from the marketer. This improves with time after analyzing the data and customer feedback.
  6. Social Marketing | Much have been said about social networks. But little have touched on social marketing. As new business innovations continue to come up, e-commerce and lead generation sites are the likely target when it comes to social marketing. Paid advertising is becoming the new norm for social media. Therefore, marketers have to shift to paid social strategy to make sure that it reaches the targeted customers.
  7. Visual Marketing |Media advertising is advancing day by day. The next big thing will be the amount of text on web pages will get shorter and visual storytelling, or marketing will develop as a strategy for growing engagement among consumers.
    A Recent study have shown that image posted on socio media receive about 120% to 180% more engagement as compared to text-based posts, bringing out the benefits of visual digital marketing tactics. The ability to create even stronger visuals through digital marketing will define the winning brand this year.
  8. Digital Payment Methods | With the invention of new techniques in credit cards (EVM), ID cards, and grocery cards, the public is in for a new experience in the field of payment methods. Just the same way we no longer carry checkbooks around, carrying physical credit cards will soon become obsolete as well. These changes will have a great impact on online payments and e-commerce sites. As innovation progress, we may see more options such as Apple Pay come into play some years to come.
  9. Program Advertising | Programmatic advertising is next big thing. Consumers are watching TV in multi-screen, anytime anywhere. More creative and interactive TV ads that feature in programmatic advertising campaigns engage an audience more effectively and capture their attention.
    Online audio streaming services such as iHeart, Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes Radio are booming in the US as more fans stream their favorite songs every day. Similarly, TV viewers have adopted the use of second screen such as mobile phone and participate with a social comment as well as other activity. This means that brands are switching to online streaming which is slowly being integrated into digital campaigns.
  10. Responsive Websites |Most of the sites are now fully responsive whereby web content can be resized depending on the device being used such as mobile phone, tablet or desktop. Well, as more brands realize the benefit associated with providing customers with an optimal viewing experience no matter the device they use. This means that more funds will be set aside for redesigning of sites, and new sites will be built with a responsive from the outset. This will help in ranking of the brand in search results to increase sales.

Bottom Line

Digital marketing field continues to evolve with new inventions and techniques, with increased mobile usage, multi-platform environments and multi-channels that have unique features to show this year. These are well translated into detail with top digital marketing trends for 2015 shown above that marketers and business owners should take a keen interest in and upgrade their digital marketing campaigns.

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