Top 12 Simple Guidelines of Perfecting Your Digital Marketing

Top 12 Simple Guidelines of Perfecting Your Digital Marketing | Koneffko Media |

As digital marketing expands, it has become more essential than ever for businesses to learn how to succeed. According to Ascend2’s report, lack of effective strategies is the key obstacle to a successful digital marketing, and 51% of marketers stated that strategy issue barred them from achieving their digital marketing goals. Other obstacles include lack of experience or training, ineffective analytics and metrics, budget constraints, and inability to prove return on investment.

Therefore, planning a digital marketing strategy is crucial to keep you ahead of your competitors. The ability of your business to thrive in the current economy is based on how well your business is able to embrace digital marketing. From social network, to tablet, to smartphones, the digital tools available today make it easy for consumers to interact on a global scale. Here are the top 12 social media platform that you should embrace in your digital marketing strategy.

  1. Better blogging Blog content is like a match that starts the fire. Having a compelling and informative blog makes it rank high in the search engines. About 80% of every day blog visits are new, thus being an excellent opportunity to drive traffic to your new website. Additionally, you can use the blog as a content for Twitter and Facebook posts as well as a teaser for an email marketing campaign. By having high-quality blog content, your web traffic will increase, and your site will be ranked top by search engines.
  2. Content contribution If you wish your posts to be viewed by many people and acquire more exposure, it is the high time you start contributing to other blogs within your locality. If you run a marketing firm, start penning for a local website in your area. This will portrays you as an expert in your locality, thus increasing traffic flow to your website.
  3. Get started on Instagram Instagram has been embraced by the younger generation thus making it one of the best social media platform for businesses. According to Expanded Ramblings, it has over 200 million users per month. You will grab an opportunity to advertise your product through photos. Photos are the most natural way of sharing your brand.
  4. Paid promotion on Facebook Adding a small budget in promotion to selected Facebook posts will automatically increase your interaction. You will achieve a major spike in communication due to those posts. With the Facebook’s Edge Rank Algorithm, the chances of business to rank high in the News Feed is very slim. This is why you should set aside small promotion budget to fund posts that will have a good yield.
  5. Compelling graphics The more appealing your graphics are on different social media platforms, the higher the interaction. Search for a graphic designer to assist you in designing beautiful imagery. If getting a graphic designer is a problem to you, visit sites that offer stock photography such as Bigstock.
  6. Email marketing If your business sends out one email after a fortnight, double this number and send at least four per month. You should ensure that you have a compelling and informative content that would be of benefit to the subscribers on your email list. Be consistent on sending emails to your subscribers. According to, email marketing is one of the best digital channels for your business. Embrace this strategy and put in place plan to implement it for your digital marketing.
  7.  Twitter Outreach Recently, most of the marketers have been frustrated over all the advertising that different social media channels have been pushing businesses to undertake. However, Twitter remains a great platform where you have an opportunity to grow your followers organically. Use hashtags within your niche to reach customers in your market. Follow other people and appreciate their good work. This will result to more interaction. Currently, Twitter has over 1 billion registered users, thus being it an excellent platform to reach more audience.
  8. Google+ game plan Besides Google+ gaining you much interaction on your social media posts, it also plays a key role in SEO on the localized level. This makes Google+ a must for your digital marketing. The more reviews you acquire, the more content you post onto your page resulting to more followers, and the higher your opportunities of ranking higher for localized keyword search.
  9. Yahoo! Bing Network Yahoo! Bing holds 11.8% or the market share. With its lower cost per click, you will yield a lower cost per acquisition. If you are in a competitive industry where cost per click is costly like in the insurance industry, medical field or the legal profession, acquiring a lower cost per click will boost your business. This will also put you some steps ahead of your competitors.
  10. Facebook Lookalike Audience Are you familiar with Facebook Lookalike Audience? This is a platform where you reach new individual who are likely to be interested in your products because they have similar characteristics to a customer list that you care about. When you use Custom Audience, you will be presented with an option of creating a Lookalike Audience that aim individuals who have similar characters to those on your Custom Audience list. For example, if you have an email marketing database over 3,000 email addresses and are in the medical industry, you can upload this onto Facebook’s advertising platform and target people with similar demographic to your existing clients.
  11. YouTube videos This Google product has become a stepping stone for businesses. By integrating videos into your digital marketing, you will start getting search engine exposure for the videos that you upload onto YouTube. Selecting a proper title, embedding the YouTube video and uploading a transcript are some to the tricks of optimizing SEO exposure. Incorporating YouTube videos will portray you as a serious marketer thus making your outstand in the market.
  12. Search Engine Optimization SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has a lead rate of 14.6% as compared to outbound leads such as print advertising which has a lead rate of 1.7%. Optimizing your website for SEO is a necessity if you are going to venture in digital marketing. Putting SEO strategies in place will escalate your leads and accelerate your business growth.

Incorporating more than one strategies given above will give you an upper hand in the competitive market. Embrace digital marketing to take your business to a higher level.

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