Top 5 Insider Tips for Creating A Killer Promo Video

Top 5 Insider Tips for Creating A Killer Promo Video | Koneffko Media |

Video is one of the most effective tool when it comes to online marketing. It’s a powerful generator of more clicks and a secret ingredient in building a strong brand. Most digital marketing companies understand this and spend much time investing in online video. You, too might be planning to make the ultimate promo video of all ages. Well, there are several key things to consider that once they are brought together can produce one heck of a promo video for your company.

Here is a list of the top five elements which work together to create the perfect promo video for your company or brand. Read on and make a perfect video you will be proud of.

Review Your Script Perfectly

The script is what makes any video, whether it’s a training video, a promo video, a sales video or a business video. You definitely want to have a script that will capture the attention of many but convey the intended message.

Before writing the script, first jot down the main points that you want to include in the video. Then, focus on putting these points as quickly and briefly as possible. Remember, you don’t want to make the video so long or seem like a boring lecture. Rather, you want it to be engaging, fun to read and easy to comprehend.

Write your script in a conversational tone. You want the viewer to feel as if they are part of the video. How do you do this? Make them feel like you are talking with them and not at them. Once you are through with the script, read it through. You can even record it and play it later to see how it sounds. Once you are pleased with the outcome, you are set for the next step which is the visuals.

Make an Appealing Visual Video

Videos are attention grabbers and nobody wants to watch a video that is not visually appealing. To make the video captivating, try to add some exciting animations, do some editing and add cool effects on the promo video.

Always Include a Call to Action

All the companies make promo videos to drive action. The goal here is to convert the viewers into potential customers. So, never forget to include a call to action in your promo video.

Include a link where the viewers can visit your site, follow you on socio platform such as Twitter or Facebook, sign up for any information, purchase the product and also get in touch with you whenever they need something. We can stress enough on this, but the promo videos will be important for ROI.

Test Your Video

Before you release or upload the video to the public, test it out. Send it to your friends, family members, or close people to watch it first and give their opinion. Find out if they understood the message easily. Were they happy with the content? Did they like the look on the video? Did the video compel them to take action after watching?

These are the important issues you need to know since you may have spent a lot of time making the video but did not have time to focus on the unbiased perspective of it. Sharing it with others is a perfect way to get a broad perspective and find out what to improve on your video to make it perfect.

It’s Time to Promote

Once the video is made and you have done all it takes to be a killer promo video, it’s time to promote it vigorously. Remember, no one will get to watch the video if you don’t put it out to the public. Promote the video on your blog, website, on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and many other socio platforms.

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