What To Do With All Your GoPro Footage

What To Do With All Your GoPro Footage | Koneffko Media | www.koneffkomedia.com

GoPro is EVERYWHERE! Whether you’re dropping in on an epic powder day, kayaking a sick rapid or just flipping some pancakes…GoPro’s are there to capture the moment. Being that there were over 5.2 million GoPro’s sold in 2014 that means there’s a LOT of footage. And quite honestly 95% of that footage is something even your Aunt Ethel doesn’t want to watch. So what are you suppose to do with all that footage? Sure you can be one of the 6000 people a day that uploads a video to YouTube with the word GoPro in the title. Or you can make it epic. Something you’re friends and family will be jealous of. Something that will make that girl you’ve had your eye on think “Maybe he isn’t as lame as I thought”. But how do you do that you might ask? Throw a few clips in iMovie and put in a few cheesy transitions right? No…and quite honestly if that’s what you thought maybe you are as lame as that girl thought. What you can do is work with a professional. Someone who will take your footage and make it shine. Someone that will help create a video that will stand out and will keep Aunt Ethel from falling asleep. There are multiple companies (Koneffko Media being one of them…shameless plug cough cough) that will take you footage via an online file sharing service such as Dropbox, edit it within just a few days and give you a final video you can upload anywhere on the interwebs. Many will even upload directly to their YouTube account for you and all you’ll have to do is share the link! So if you already have tons of amazing footage just clogging up your hard drive or you have a trip planned where you know you’ll be getting some unforgettable footage consider working with someone to help make your video EPIC!




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